About Us

Anokhi International Inc. dba Anokhi Bags, started operations in the United States, in Fort Wayne, Indiana, in 2011. Anokhi International is a company with domain expertise in environmentally friendly Jute and textile-based handbags and fashion accessories. Anokhi Bags features an affordable range of handbags, totes, tech accessories, promotional bags and much more, that are functional, fashionable and eco-friendly bags.

Anokhi, means “unique”, defines the products produced and our essence of inclusion. In order to achieve the uniqueness, high standard, yet affordability, our Jute bags are handcrafted in India, made especially for the eco-conscious consumers.

Anokhi offers eco-friendly products that are most importantly affordable by all class of customers. Anokhi designers exhibit much creativity and fashion flair with this 100% natural jute fiber, as can be attested by checking out Anokhi Bag’s product line.

Beyond just business

Millions of people in rural parts of the earth are struggling for a single meal. They depend, either directly or indirectly, on the Jute trade for their livelihood. Our aim is to be instrumental in providing an avenue for attaining a sustainable livelihood for rural communities by extending a helping hand to the poor and the marginalized, to empower women and minorities in such communities and to provide sustainable employment opportunities.

Millions of lives and billions of dollars are at stake. We can, we should, we will—indeed, we must—open up new markets for Jute products worldwide.

Anokhi Bags for Social Good and Fundraising

Anokhi carries a large variety of stylish bags that are customizable to support the fundraising programs for corporate, schools, universities, charity, sports teams and clubs. Our promotional bags combine the eco-friendly and durable nature of jute with stylish and functional designs which will be appreciated by your fundraising supporters.

Today, Children are made aware of ways to protect the environment. Schools are constantly initiating ways to teach children about how they can help bring about environmental sustainability. Anokhi will be instrumental in educating a new generation of children as to how their personal actions can make a real positive difference worldwide. They will feel proud when using eco-friendly Jute products in raising funds for programs, activities and necessary equipment to support their schools.

For businesses that want to cut down their impact on our environment, our reasonably priced customizable Jute bags are a good, eco-friendly solution. Our budget totes are great as giveaways.

As a versatile natural fiber that is recyclable and biodegradable, Jute has tremendous advantages to appeal to eco-conscious consumers. The eco-friendly connection is an asset for diversified Jute products.