Why Jute?

Make a difference to our Planet! Say yes to 100% natural JUTE products!

JUTE is a 100% natural, renewable and Biodegradable resource that provides an eco-friendly, reusable, and recyclable alternative. Eco-friendly Jute bags are stylish, affordable and customizable with your brand logo, meaning your brand will carry a positive environmental message.

Plastic, Paper, or JUTE bags?

Anokhi’s JUTE Bags make an alternative solution to the age old question; paper or plastic? We are often asked to make this choice each time we grocery shop. Now there is an alternate solution to how we transfer our groceries home while providing the satisfaction that Jute Bags are the best environmental choice. Jute Bags are a natural alternative to reusable supermarket bags.

About Jute:

Jute, commonly known as the Golden Fiber, is the second most popular fiber after cotton. It is affordable to produce, biodegradable, and eco-friendly. Partially a textile fiber and partially a wood, it is a Lingo-cellulosic fiber.

Jute fabric, also known as burlap, has long been used for commercial and food packaging, carpet backings, and for erosion control in the agricultural sector. Jute’s properties make it a natural choice for reusable consumer bags that are strong, durable, and environmentally friendly.

Inherently beautiful in its natural finish, Jute can also be dyed in many beautiful colors. An explosion of creativity among the designers of diversified Jute products and increased global environmental awareness —we stand at the beginning of what might become a new “Golden Era” for Jute products.